7 Auto Thieves In DeSoto County Jail 5 Of Them From Memphis

DeSoto County,Ms

Seven juveniles are in custody today after a stolen car rammed a police cruiser as the officer was investigating another stolen car.

Southaven Police Department Lt Mark Little said “The incident started Tuesday when an officer pulled over five suspects in a stolen car on Highway 51 just outside Horn Lake”.

While the officer was talking to the suspects in the stolen car, a different stolen car crashed into the officer’s cruiser.

“As our officer was about to make contact with the first suspects , a second car rammed into the back of his vehicle,”

Little said. “One officer stayed with them, and we were able to take two juveniles into custody”.

The suspects in the original car took off. They eventually crashed outside a McDonald’s on Goodman Road where they bailed out of the car and tried to out run officers.

Law enforcement from Southaven, Horn Lake and DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department searched the area for about an hour, until all five people were eventually captured.

Two of the suspects were apprehended by two different K-9 dogs (Bob and Mag)

during the search and had to be treated at Baptist DeSoto for their bite injuries.

Southaven Police Department do belive the two incidents are related.

The suspects ages range from 15 to 17 years old and five of the seven were from Memphis, two from Horn Lake.

Editor Note: Great team work Officers and K-9’s for protecting us once again…