Fallen Heroes Coming To Our Website


With a growing number of law enforcement officers being killed in our country every week,
we at Desoto County Newsroom have decided to start honoring our fallen heroes with a permanent
post on our page.

Fallen Heroes will be updated whenever a law enforcement office has been killed in the line of duty.

You will know if a new Officer has been by the “Post Flashing” for the first 24 hours.

By clicking the Link, you will be taken to the official Officers Down memorial page, where it will give you
more information on the officer’s death and the history of other officers killed in the line of duty.

Last year a record number of officers died while protecting the citizens they pledge to protect and to serve. Already this year we have lost 83 – and it’s only August.

We ask that you keep all of our first responders in your prayers as they protect us in these turbulent and, too often, violent times in our country.