Think About It “Ken Murphree”

DeSoto County,MS

By: Dennis Turner

Ken Murphree, was one of the most wily politicians I’ve ever met.
And get this, he technically wasn’t even a politician.

As DeSoto County Administrator, he led DeSoto County through the
beginning of its highest growth years…. the years it became a real
“player” in state politics.

Ken had a way of getting things done, without ever appearing to having
been the man behind it.

But make no mistake, Ken Murphree had a hand in every important decision
and development in DeSoto County for at least 20 years.

He never wanted, or sought credit for his big accomplishments. Whenever
I would ask him to comment on county plans, he’d always say “Talk to my

He DID work for them, after all, and they technically ran
the county… but they did it with Ken Muphree’s guiding hand.

It’s probable, DeSoto County wouldn’t be the place it is today without
his leaderhip and that of the Supervisors he served.

Once he got the ball rolling in DeSoto, he went home, to Tunica County,
and as county administrator there, led an unprecedented time of growth
for Tunica, too.

Both DeSoto And Tunica Counties have a lot for which to thank Ken Murphree.

His untimely passing this week, will leave a void in both
communities… communities which wouldn’t have what they do today,
without the vision, the determination… and yes, the political skills
of Ken Muphree.