A Closer Look With Steve Hopkins (The Republican Party)


By: Steve Hopkins

Where has the party of Reagan gone? The Republican Party today contains factions of liberal progressives, Moderate progressives, Moderates, those who are fiscally conservative but socially progressive, those who are socially conservative and fiscally liberal and then there are the few who are truly Conservative Republicans.

How did the Republican Party get this way? An apathetic voting base who votes on a populist message and doesn’t hold those elected accountable to the promises they made when running for office.

How do we bring back a truly Conservative Republican party?

The people have to get involved to be able to right the ship. When a candidate gets elected the people have to be there for the good AND the bad. When that elected official gets off base the people need to proclaim their displeasure profoundly but also be there to sing their praises when they stand by their word.

The people also need to clearly define what they are looking for in a candidate, ask questions and research their candidates.

Blind faith in politicians is a major cause in the erosion of our freedoms in the United States.

Just because someone was popular in high school or college or was the star athlete doesn’t make that person the gold standard of people who deserve your vote.

For those of us who have already been elected its easy, research our voting records.
If you want a true conservative representing you, look at their voting record and ask this simple question; “Did they adhere to the Republican party platform of lower taxes, smaller government and less government interference in our lives?”

If you want a TRUE Reagan Conservative to represent you in whatever the office may be ask these two questions “Have they ever voted to raise my taxes?” and “Have they ever authored legislation or referendums to raise my taxes?” If the answer is yes, it’s time for a change. If the answer is No it’s time to throw your support behind them.

There is no such thing as a government at any level that runs 100% efficiently.

An elected officials 1st response to crisis or to fulfill public needs should be “where can we find the money within our current resources?” Every day in our country families have to live within a budget and for most Americans that’s a very strict budget, is it asking too much for government to do the same thing?