Man Beats Child To Death Over Math Problem


A Meridian man fatally beat a 3-year-old girl because she didn’t correctly answer questions about numbers.

Joshua Salovich was charged with capital murder, meaning he will likely face the death penalty, and is being held without bail.

Detectives told a judge today that the 25-year-old boxer-in-training beat toddler Bailey Salovich with a bamboo rod, a cellphone cord and his hands.

Salovich, told investigators that “this was a tough world and she had to be tough if she wanted to survive.”

He told police that he was asking the toddler questions about numbers and he would “pop” her when she answered incorrectly, a pattern he had used in the past.

He went on to say that he used a bamboo rod until it broke, then switched to a cellphone cord to administer some of the licks. Other blows came from his hand.

The child was taken by helicopter to a Jackson hospital for treatment, where she died Saturday afternoon.

The toddler suffered from injuries including bleeding in the brain and lungs, and possible retinal detachment.

This is still under investigation and others may be charged.

Editor Note: Please keep this child’s family in your prayers. We all need to watch out for children and report this type of this behavior to police.