Hernando Give Your New Mayor A Chance


By: Dennis Turner (Commentary)

I’m more than a little concerned about Hernando Mayor Tom Ferguson’s first meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Right away, Aldermen voted 5 to 2 to accept a slate of FORMER Mayor Chip Johnson’s appointments to city positions, and NOT give the three-day-in-office Mayor the chance to make his own choices as to who he wants on his team.
Let’s face it, Tom Ferguson’s been around Hernando a LONG time, the election proved his popularity with voters, and I see no reason to believe he’d have proposed any kind of housecleaning in Hernando city leadership.
I believe, he probably would have kept most of those people in place, if not all of them.
This first move by Hernando’s leaders troubles me, because it signals a rocky road ahead for the Mayor and board… and that’s not good for the voters who put them in office.
It stands in contrast to Southaven’s new Mayor and board a few years ago.
Their first meeting also concerned me.
It went so smoothly, it seemed as if they’d rehearsed it.
Neither serves voters.
We elect our leaders to have healthy discussion and move ahead, with voter’s best interests at heart.
Petty bickering and seemingly coordinated moves serve no one, but those on the dais.
Political leaders need to get their act together and work together.
That’s why we elect them, and that’s what we pay them for… sometimes handsomely.
They don’t always have to agree, but what happened in Hernando raises questions about whether this board intends to give this new Mayor an honest chance… as they should.
Think about it.