The Way I See It, A Pastor’s Perspective


Making The Lord Marvel

I would like to pose a question. Just answer in the privacy of your own mind.

“If the Bible were being written today, would you be found among its verses?”

Well? Would there be something so striking about your walk with the Lord that you would get a mention? Maybe it would be the account of some miracle you had a part in, such as Peter and the beggar in front of the Temple. Perhaps there would be record of a miracle you experienced that God performed for you. Would there be a story of how you got radically saved?

Or instead, would you be found within the pages at all? Is your Christian experience or your testimony even worth a mention? Are you simply average in your Christian walk and therefore have no exceptional testimony? Are you blending in so well that there’s nothing to notice? Fret not!

There is certainly no shame in having had no miracles in your life. And it’s probably not your fault that your ministry is not front page news. And maybe you never had a ‘Damascus Road’ experience in your being saved as Paul did, and you can’t be blamed for that. At least you haven’t been stoned to death as poor Stephen was!

But not everyone in the Bible did something grand and glorious. Titius Justus was noticed in Acts 18:7 simply for being a worshiper whom Paul stayed with. He may not have had a powerful ministry, but he garnered an entire verse just for loving God! And Cornelius was a gentile, but he loved the Lord and his devotion to God earned him an entire chapter in Acts!

In reality, you may never be written of or do anything that would cause the world to pay attention to you. But there is something you can possess that will cause the Kingdom to pay attention; you can have great faith! You DO have a say in the amount of your faith and the depth of it! You can choose to have faith that will move mountains. You can purpose in your heart to have the type of faith that pleases God. Hebrews 11:6 says it’s impossible to please Him without faith. In fact, that entire chapter is written about the faith that men and women of the Old Testament displayed.

Let your faith be the thing people notice about you. Let the depth of your faith cause people to think of YOU when they need prayer. Let your faith be so solid that God would be pleased with you and would tell others of your faith, were He still composing His word. It will cost you nothing, yet it could cost you a lot… could cost you the current lot of friends you have who could label you crazy with your silly newfound faith; YOU of all people, daring to believe God! You could also lose the stress and anxiety you may have, fretting over life’s many issues. Your new level of faith, the type of faith where you dare to believe the Lord for everything you pray about, could mean no more sleepless nights! Think of that!

What if you were a person who prayed with such conviction and belief that miracles constantly took place in your ministry? It can happen! Search the scriptures to find promises concerning prayer and what your faith can do and claim them for your very own! I’ll give you a few as a primer; Matthew 17:2 Matthew 18:19 Mark 11:23,24 John 14:13,14 1 John 3:22 1 John 5:14,15. Those should pique your interest!

Incidentally, there may not be a new Bible being written, but there are records being kept of your life by the Lord. What do those records say of you? Are you Mr. or Mrs. Monochrome, with a bland and colorless Christian walk, with nothing ever happening? The two things the Lord always marveled at were unbelief and great faith. Wouldn’t it be something if the Lord marveled at your great faith and recorded it in His book?

DARE TO BELIEVE! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!! I’ll leave you with my favorite quote….

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be what you’ve always been!”

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike