Fundraiser For Police Officer A Big Success


By: Charlie Hoots

Over the weekend Colonial Hills Church on Hwy 51 was the happening place for folks that love

southern gospel music and it was for a great cause.

The Southaven Police Wives Auxiliary hosted a fundraiser for Southaven Police Sgt Todd Pierce

who suffers from Pulmonary Fibrosis and is on a waiting list for a double lung transplant.

“Basically Pulmonary Fibrosis is scaring of the lungs, this causes the lungs to not oxygenate the body”

Pierce says.

“The wives got together and decided this would be a great opportunity to give a blessing to Todd and his family.”

The event was called Support The Peacemakers and featured singers and groups from all over the

Mid South.

Pierce, a 21 year veteran with the department, is on light duty and is on full time oxygen while

he awaits the call from the University of Alabama that lungs have been located and matched him

for the transplant operation.

Once the transplant has happened, he and his family will have to live in Birmingham for up to

three months for followup care.

“While insurance will cover some of the cost it will not cover everything, the money that is raised will cover the

other cost.”

Jamey Pritle says they raised more than $ 17,000 to help with those expenses and had over 300

people attending the event.

Pritle says “Colonial hills church has already started selling tee shirts as a fundraiser to kick this thing off. That has been a huge success.”