Busy Night In The Ross Point Subdivision


The Southaven Police Department had a busy night Tuesday.

Around 7:30 police received a call in the Ross Point Subdivision

that a white Lexus was driving reckless and attempted to run over

a man walking in the area.

When police arrived the walking man stated that the driver of the Lexus

had also pointed a gun at him and his stepfather.

After a short search police located the suspect car and the driver was detained,

but a passenger in the car ran from police.

Police searched for the passenger for a while and were unable to locate him,

but were called back to the area after a caller spotted him.

Officers along with K9 units looked and did not find him still in the area.

The victim signed affidavits for the driver of the car to be arrested and he is identified as

Devin Green 18 of Southaven.

Police are still investigating and if you have any information please call Southaven Police.