Cursive Writing Bill

Dr. David Parker sees the handwriting on the wall… and he doesn’t like what he sees.

He’s managed to push through the Mississippi Senate, a bill that would require schools to teach cursive writing…. and require students to show proficiency in it, before they make it out of 5th grade.

Parker says, he doesn’t want, quote, “the form of English used in our original founding documents to appear to be a foreign language to the children in Mississippi”.

He makes a good point.

Communication skills… no matter how antiquated… should never go out of style.

The more ways you can communicate… the more valuable you should seem.

The bill from Dr. Parker, an optomestrist, still needs to make it through the house… let’s hope house members SEE it, for what it is, a way to keep a common form of communication relevant… to a new generation.

Think about it.

I’m Dennis Turner.