Local School District Hit With Budget Cuts From The State



By Steve Dodd


The State Legislature has been going through rounds of budget cuts. The most recent affects school districts across the state in the amount of money recieved through the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP).

DeSoto County Schools recieved the biggest reduction in MAEP funding of the 150 state-wide districts amounting to $718,701. Other local districts seeing reductions are Marshall County – $72,363, Tunica County – $44,509, Tate County – $67,592 and Senatobia – $42,849.

The current funding process for MAEP is under revision. A consulting firm, EdBuild, has been hired to study the current system and revamp the funding formula. MAEP funding has been criticized by districts across the state. They argue that under the current formula, MAEP has only been fully funded twice since its creation in 2008. State Legislators contend they are doing the best they can since the funding is not available. Both sides are anxiously waiting for the final proposal from EdBuild.