Prayers For Police


Marie Fuller
Guest Reporter

Several citizens met at the Southaven Police Department on New Year’s Day to lift up community Police officers and other Law Enforcement officers in prayer and encouragement.

Charlie Hoots of Broken Together Ministries a Southaven Mississippi Ministry put the event together.

Law enforcement has always been a dangerous job but never before as much as it is today. Last year almost 140 officers were killed while on duty. Even more concerning was that 20 of these killings were in deliberate ambushes like the one in Texas where a sniper killed 5 officers.

“These officers risk everything when they go out to work each day”, said Hoots, “we just want them to know that they have our support and our prayers.”

When asked about the low turn out for the prayer Hoots said “if only I had shown up there was going to be a prayer”.
“I know there are a lot at home praying right along with us”.

This is not the first event organized by Hoots to show support to Officers. Last year he sponsored a “hug a cop” event to encourage citizens to show their appreciation. There are other events planned for 2017 as well.